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How Care Coordination Improves Employee Wellness

You may already realize that Care Coordination offers impressive cost savings and benefits solutions for companies struggling with the ever-increasing cost of health care coverage. However, the impact this powerful healthcare option has on your employees’ health and wellness cannot be overlooked.

Care Coordination emphasizes wellness and prevention

Wellness Programs and preventive care are cornerstones of Care Coordination for a number of reasons:

  • A focus on preventive care has proven to reduce the cost of healthcare in the long term by catching diseases and other conditions early enough for quick and effective treatment at a lower cost, and by promoting general health.
  • Wellness programs (such as smoking cessation or weight loss) greatly improve adherents’ health through the elimination of poor habits and lifestyle choices that are at the root of as much as 70% of healthcare costs.
  • The combination of preventive care and wellness programs offers employers a way to reduce healthcare costs while also improving their employees’ morale, reducing the usage of sick days, and enhancing productivity.

But it’s truly the employee themself who benefits most from Care Coordination’s emphasis on prevention and wellness, because they can become a happier, healthier person, and their family can enjoy the same.

Care Coordination takes the stress and frustration out of healthcare

Coordinated HealthcareFor many employees, healthcare coverage is a necessary evil. While most realize the need to obtain coverage to protect themselves and their families, they resist actually using the coverage to its full because it’s simply too much of a hassle. Hence, it’s not uncommon for expensive premiums to be essentially wasted because the employee fails to utilize even the most basic covered services.

With Care Coordination, however, this situation doesn’t have to continue.

One of the key benefits of having a professional Care Coordinator available is that they can walk the member through every interaction with the healthcare plan, help them avoid costly errors, help them understand why certain procedures or recommendations are being offered, and generally provide the peace of mind that comes with having an advocate.

When healthcare is less frustrating and stressful, it’s going to be used more readily, resulting in healthier and happier employees.

Care Coordination helps streamline care and catches potentially dangerous problems

Another important aspect of Care Coordination that can dramatically affect an employee’s health is the fact that the Care Coordinator serves as a fresh set of eyes and ears overseeing every interaction with medical providers and the insurance.

This oversight allows them to identify and eliminate unnecessary or duplicative procedures. It also allows them to ensure that every medical provider who becomes involved in the patient’s care is aware of the full picture of that individual’s history and current situation, reducing the possibility of negative drug interactions, allergic reactions, and unnecessary procedures.

Finally, a Care Coordinator’s oversight can help reduce the lengthy administrative delays that could prevent a patient from receiving necessary treatment as quickly as they would like, offering faster relief and earlier recovery.

For all these reasons, you can expect your employees to feel better, be out sick less, and be more productive while they’re at work with a Care Coordination program in place for them. Isn’t it about time you made that happen?

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